$23,000 in Back Paid Disability Benefits Awarded to Mobile, Alabama Client

Mrs. H— came to us months ago. She had lost her job because of a seizure she had at work, and she tried to find new work for months after that, but couldn’t. Finally, she filed for disability back in September of 2011. Her application was denied, not because she wasn’t a hard-working, meritorious citizen, but because she had a complex case. Rather than a single, obvious medical condition like a broken leg, Mrs. H— had several health problems – bad vision, seizures, a blood disorder – which combined to make it impossible to work a full-time job. But with no income and no benefits, she was stuck. She found a light duty job working part-time at a department store, but those minimum wages for a few hours a week didn’t do much. She had to rely on friends and relatives for nearly everything.

She went to her hearing alone and was advised to seek an attorney. She came to us. We filed our representation papers and went to work immediately on her case. We found medical records that the Social Security Administration hadn’t considered. We got in touch with her doctors and elicited written, personal opinions about her conditions and her abilities to work.  We went to her second hearing and submitted all of this new information to the judge. After considering the extra info and case insights we had built up for her, the judge issued a FULLY FAVORABLE decision. My client was found disabled from March 2011 onward. This meant that not only would she be getting her monthly benefit check, but she also would be receiving a lump sum payment for all those months she had struggled to survive with neither work income nor disability benefits. She got a check for almost $18,000. She called me on the phone overjoyed. In addition to her monthly benefit, she’ll be eligible for Medicare, so now she won’t have to skip out on her doctor visits and medication. She can survive, and she can get the medical care she needs. She can do these things because she made the wise decision to take her case to a dedicated attorney. This is what we do.