$9,900 Debt Collection Lawsuit Dismissed

Last Thursday, I went to the District Court of Mobile County, Alabama to defend a client from a debt collection lawsuit. The client had been sued by a collector seeking a $9,951.12 from an alleged debt to Beneficial Financial. The debt collector had failed to provide the requisite proof of their case – they didn’t have documentation of the debt and by challenging the sufficiency of their evidence, we succeeded in winning a judgment for the debtors.

What does this mean? It means that the debt is gone forever. Not only does the client not have to pay that money, it now has to be erased from their credit reports. A court of competent jurisdiction has declared that the debt is not valid, which means that it doesn’t exist.

This just goes to show that it pays to hire a good debt defense attorney willing to fight for you in court. If you’ve been sued, don’t go down without a fight. Call us and we’ll review the case against you and do whatever it takes to protect your family and your finances.