How an Attorney can Reduce Stress for your Bankruptcy

filing a bankruptcyIf you are going through bankruptcy, the process can be a very daunting one. It may seem like many hoops to jump through, and it can feel like an expensive endeavor. There are consequences to providing inaccurate or untruthful documents to the court. Creditors may or may not honor your bankruptcy in Mobile, AL. However, hiring an Alabama bankruptcy lawyer saves you money in the long run and significantly reduces the stress found in the bankruptcy process.

What is Bankruptcy Chapter 7 Mobile AL?

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a debt relief program with the courts that allows a person or household struggling with their debt load never to have to pay it back again. Approval from the court on a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Mobile, AL, means that a person can stop paying on all their debts each month and never have to pay back any remaining debt listed and approved in the bankruptcy filing.

What if Debt Collectors Still Insist on Speaking with You After Filing?

Debt collectors must stop all of their activities when they receive notice of a bankruptcy filing. A debt collection agency is considered “notified” as of the date of the stamp on the envelope containing the copy of your bankruptcy filing. Only in rare cases may they contact you for more information. If you don’t have an attorney, debt collectors may assume that you are ignorant of the bankruptcy processes and attempt to claim they didn’t receive any notice of your filings. They then justify this as the excuse needed to keep hassling you about your past-due debt, with will put additional stress on the process.

If you used a bankruptcy attorney in Mobile, AL, then all you have to do is tell them to contact your attorney. They can find your Mobile, AL, bankruptcy attorney’s information on the filing, and they know it. Immediately notify your attorney so they can deal with the debt collector should they step over their boundaries.

The Court Requires Accurate Paperwork

If you are experiencing the stress filing for bankruptcy on your own, you have to ensure that the paperwork is accurate and truthful. If not, then your bankruptcy may not go through, or the reprieve will only last for a few months, and any debt you attempted to discharge during this time will return as soon as the bankruptcy filing expires. You don’t need to worry that your case will get dismissed over a technicality. If this happens, you, your finances, and your assets are fair game for the debt collectors all over again. However, with a bankruptcy attorney from Mobile, Alabama, everything filed will be accurate, and you are shielded.

The Noteholders Have a Right to Question the Debtor During the Process

The noteholders are allowed to question the debtor during the bankruptcy process. If you don’t have an attorney present on your behalf, some creditors will take advantage of this and overstep their bounds of what they are allowed to discuss with you and what they are not. They may ask you intimidating and slanted questions designed to elicit a response they can use against you later in the process.

If you retain an attorney for your bankruptcy in Mobile, AL, then the noteholders are bound by law to follow your instructions or instructions from your attorney. They may not be able to speak with you in person about anything related to any of your debts. They may only contact you via notice if they have a question that can’t be answered by consulting the court records. In short, by having an attorney walk through this process for you, you are protected from loopholes that might be used against you later.

Contact Your Trusted Mobile Alabama Bankruptcy Attorney

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