How To Approach Bankruptcy During A Pandemic

bankruptcy during pandemicWhen you make the decision to file for bankruptcy, it is difficult under normal conditions. However, when you pair it with the COVID-19 pandemic, it may feel impossible. Yet if you follow certain steps, you will be able to complete the process almost as easily as you normally would in these situations. Though it will take effort on your part, once you hire a bankruptcy attorney Mobile Alabama trusts from the Loris Law Firm, your case can proceed in a smooth and efficient manner.
Finding an Attorney
When preparing to file for bankruptcy Mobile AL residents won’t be able to make in-person visits to one law office after another to choose an attorney. Because of this, you’ll need to rely on the advice of friends and family to find the best Mobile AL bankruptcy attorney you can trust with your case. Prior to hiring an attorney, make sure they can provide phone and video conferencing services to you, as well as other online and email services that will be needed to complete your bankruptcy proceedings.
Exchanging Bankruptcy Documents
Since you won’t be visiting a bankruptcy attorney Mobile AL relies on for these matters in person, that means you will need to exchange the many bankruptcy documents involved in your filing process virtually. To begin with, your Alabama bankruptcy lawyer will have you fill out an extensive questionnaire, and will also need you to submit paycheck stubs, bank statements, and other documents. In most cases, the questionnaire will be available online or will be emailed to you for completion and return, while you will need to upload and submit your pay stubs and other documents to your attorney’s office.
Completing Bankruptcy Courses
When filing bankruptcy Chapter 7 Mobile AL residents are required to complete two courses, one in credit counseling and the other in debtor education. Since one will be completed prior to filing for bankruptcy and the other afterwards, these will also need to be done online. Again, your bankruptcy attorney Mobile AL clients trust with this important matter will give you details on how to complete these classes.
Meeting with Your Lawyer
Once all documents are completed and submitted, you can expect to meet with your Mobile AL bankruptcy attorney three or four times along the way. These meetings, which will take place via phone or video conferencing such as Zoom, will be conducted just like in-person meetings. Along with your lawyer explaining the process and how to proceed, you can and should ask questions along the way when necessary. Also, make sure when reviewing the final bankruptcy petition with your Alabama bankruptcy lawyer you look to for their experience and knowledge, you are clear everything contained in the petition is accurate and truthful. Otherwise, you could face fraud charges.
Waiving of “Wet” Signatures
Due to COVID-19, most courts are now waving the requirement of “wet” signatures on the bankruptcy petition. By doing so, this allows your attorney to file the petition much faster with the court. If for any reason a “wet” signature is still required by your local bankruptcy court, your lawyer can usually conduct video or phone conferences with you, allowing you to send a “wet” signature by dropbox or email.
341 Meeting
The 341 meeting, which is where you and your attorney meet with your creditors, will also be done by phone or video conference. At this hearing, the trustee appointed to your case will ask you questions under oath, so make sure you fully understand everything prior to giving your answers.
If you are preparing to file bankruptcy during the COVID-19 pandemic, schedule a phone or video consultation soon with the Loris Law Firm.