If Your Wages Are Garnished: What You Should Do

Wages Are GarnishedAre you currently facing the prospect of having your wages garnished? This is an unfortunate situation that can arise after a lawyer gets permission from the court to take payments from your wages. This is done in order to satisfy a debt that you owe.

In most cases, wage garnishing is a last resort measure that the attorney of your creditor will take after all other options have failed. However, if you don’t want to submit to being garnished, there are measures that you can take. Your best bet is to talk to an expert firm and our Mobile AL bankruptcy attorney.

What Can Mobile AL Bankruptcy Lawyers Do to Help You?

You don’t want to have to live on wages that have been garnished. You also don’t want to be fired from your job after receiving one too many garnishments. Your best bet in this scenario is to call a firm of expert Mobile AL bankruptcy lawyers who can help you find a way to avoid this circumstance. The time to act is now since the longer you wait, the more of your wages you are bound to lose.

Contact the Loris Law Firm for More Information

A Mobile AL bankruptcy attorney from the Loris Law Firm is here to help you stave off the garnishment of your wages. We will do all in our power to prevent you losing wages due to an outstanding debt that you may still be disputing that you owe.

Even if you do owe the debt, there are measures that we can take to prevent your wages from being garnished. We may be able to negotiate with your creditors and their attorney in order to find a much more attractive solution. Get in touch with us today to learn more about what we can do to help you.