Is a Lawyer Necessary To File Bankruptcy? How Can They Help?

lawyer for bankruptcyWhile you technically do not need an attorney to represent you when you file for bankruptcy, it is often highly recommended that you seek out their services. Since bankruptcy proceedings can be very complex and require extreme attention to detail, making mistakes along the way can not only drag out the process, but also be costly. Depending on the types of mistakes made, you could find your case being tossed out by the court, forcing you to start the process from scratch. Rather than let this happen, rely on the experience of bankruptcy attorneys in Selma at the Loris Law Firm.


Expert Advice

Since there are various types of bankruptcy such as Chapter 7, 11, or 13, it will be important that you understand the nuances associated with each so that you can determine which one will best meet your financial and legal needs. Due to you having to report various assets to the court and work closely with creditors to develop short and long-term plans, it is best if you have knowledgeable bankruptcy attorneys in Selma from the Loris Law Firm by your side each step of the way.


Presence During Court Hearings

Since you may need to be in court from time to time when filing bankruptcy, you should always be accompanied by legal representation at any hearings. By having your attorney with you during the hearing, you can ask their advice should issues arise that are complex and confusing, which almost always happens during bankruptcy proceedings. Should you answer a question asked of you by the judge incorrectly or sign documents without first understanding them, the results can be disastrous.


Since you want your bankruptcy filing to go as smoothly as possible and be over with quickly, discuss your situation in more detail by scheduling a consultation with bankruptcy attorneys in Selma at the Loris Law Firm.