My Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Case was Dismissed. Can I Re-File and Start Over?

bankruptcyA bankruptcy case is tricky for everyone involved. It is a process that is still frowned upon by some people altogether, and it is not easy to deal with the ramifications of bankruptcy no matter who you are. Thus, a bankruptcy attorney in Mobile Alabama is an ideal asset to have at the ready when going through this process. You are likely to have a lot of questions, and you will want that bankruptcy attorney Mobile AL to be there to help answer them for you.

What Happens If Your Chapter 13 Case Is Dismissed?

The moment that your Chapter 13 bankruptcy case is dismissed, the stay against creditors who want to continue with the collections process is eliminated, and they may begin to resume those processes in earnest right away. You can get together with a bankruptcy attorney Mobile Alabama to see what can be done to put the stay back in place, but you need to understand that this may only shorten the period of time that the collections process can resume. You don’t want the collections process to resume at all in all likelihood because it is very stressful and irritating to have to deal with.

Check The Ruling From The Court

What your Mobile AL bankruptcy attorney is likely to inform you of is the fact that some cases are barred from being refiled, and others are not. It depends entirely on the court and its flexibility with yourself and the other parties involved in your case. If you have a good bankruptcy lawyer Mobile AL on the team, they are going to strive to make sure the court does NOT bar you from filing for bankruptcy again in the future. They want to leave that door open to you so you don’t get yourself into a situation where you are unable to do what you need to do to get your affairs straightened out.

Waiting Period

Typically, the worst that can happen when a court bars you from re-filing for bankruptcy is that you have to suffer through a waiting period. It is annoying to have to deal with this, but it can happen. People who end up in a waiting period like this may find that they must last through 180 days or so of waiting before they are allowed to use their bankruptcy attorney in Mobile AL to file for bankruptcy once again. It is a challenging wait to be sure, but it is just something that has to be done if the court says that is what you need to do. Given all of this, you may want to get in touch with us here at the Loris Bankruptcy Law Firm to see what we can put together for you as far as trying to help you get your case before a court.

Hire An Attorney

We understand the predicaments that courts put people in from time to time when they do not allow them to file for bankruptcy as soon as possible after they have already filed once before. It can be extremely frustrating, and it seems likely that there is more pain to come for someone who is not able to do what they need to do to get their bankruptcy case heard by a court.

Our attorneys do not want to see any client suffer, and we know what needs to be done to get your case before a judge right away. We hope that you will take the time necessary to allow us to work through your case with you and get you to a result that you can count on. We want to help in every way that we can, and we feel that one of the best ways that we can do so is to inform you of every option that you have to get help in the bankruptcy courts. That is what our people deal with all the time, so let us help you get what you need.