Should I Stop Paying Bills Before Bankruptcy?

lined up bills Someone considering filing for bankruptcy is likely to ask themselves if they should even bother to pay the bills that they have now. If the intent is to file bankruptcy, what is the point of paying those bills? The Loris Law Firm gets this question and many others lobbed at any bankruptcy attorney Selma that works there. They know that people want to know about this in particular.


What a good bankruptcy attorney Selma from the Loris Law Firm will tell anyone who comes to them asking about paying bills that they should consider Mobile Alabama debt consolidation before they throw their hands up and assume that they can’t possibly pay their bills. Mobile Alabama debt consolidation has helped countless people get the assistance that they require to start to climb out of debt. For a lot of people it is like a light at the end of the tunnel moment.


Paying one’s bills is always better than the alternative. Those lenders can charge huge amounts of interest and cause a lot of pain and discomfort for your financial life if you do not cough up the money that you rightfully owe to them. However, those who find themselves so far buried in debt that they are unable to climb back out may still consider bankruptcy.


Bankruptcy is a legal discharging of nearly all debts. There are some kinds that cannot be discharged in this way such as student loan debts, but virtually all others can. Thus, a fair number of people decide to go through bankruptcy in order to get a fresh start and get back on their feet. In certain circumstances it makes a lot more sense to do this rather than to continue to tread water trying to get out of debt. It is difficult to be in that position, but sometimes that is just how it has to go.