“Straight Bankruptcy”: What to Expect from a Case

couple having problem with their financesA Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, more often referred to as straight bankruptcy, can provide relief to individuals struggling with financial hardship. While a straight bankruptcy may appear daunting, an experienced Alabama bankruptcy lawyer can make proceedings move smoothly and swiftly. When attempting to file bankruptcy, it is imperative to have a competent bankruptcy attorney by your side to handle the intricacies of filing. As a client, there are routine components that you can expect when filing a straight bankruptcy.


What to Expect


When filing a straight bankruptcy, your Alabama bankruptcy lawyer will ask you multiple questions regarding your financial situation. These questions may include a list of all your debts and streams of income. Depending on your marital status your spouse’s information may also be necessary when considering eligibility for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. While some of these questions may appear daunting or even embarrassing, it is important to remember that your bankruptcy attorney Baldwin County is your advocate. Within our firm, we respect you and your privacy. Each person on the Loris Law Firm team seeks to serve you in the best way possible. Therefore, do not be afraid to discuss every aspect of your financial situation with our team. Upon collecting the required information, our staff will conduct a means test to see what debts qualify for discharge. Also, under certain circumstances, you may be able to retain ownership of your home and/or vehicle when filing a straight bankruptcy.


The Importance of an Attorney


While filing for bankruptcy can be a relatively easy process, it is much more difficult without an experienced attorney representing your best interests. At the Loris Law Firm, we are skilled in filing consumer bankruptcies and have over 27 years of experience. As a bankruptcy attorney Baldwin County, the Loris Law Firm is one of the largest bankruptcy firms in the state of Alabama. Contact us today and let us help you achieve financial freedom.