Tips When Filing Bankruptcy

filing a bankruptcyBankruptcy exists as a way to help give a person in debt a clean slate. It can be difficult to know where to start with this process, but an attorney can help with it. Bankruptcy lawyers in Mobile AL help people by giving detailed explanations about how the process works. While the attorney will do their part in helping to file for bankruptcy, there are things you can do to make the application go as smoothly as possible. When you consult the Loris Law Firm, we can show you tips to improve your chances of being approved for bankruptcy.

Tips For Filing Bankruptcy
When you file for bankruptcy, you submit a petition to the bankruptcy court in hopes of approval. As you are in the stage of filing, there are things you can do that can increase the likelihood of your petition being approved. These include:

•Be honest and upfront about your assets. As you give your personal information to your attorney, be sure to disclose all of what you own. If you hide anything, it is likely that it is documented and will come up as your information is searched.

•Don’t incur more debt once your petition is submitted. If you add to your debt, it will decrease your chances of being approved. Furthermore, it makes you look less genuine and as if you’re not taking your debt seriously.

•Use an attorney for the entire process. Given the complex nature of this process, it’s best to work with bankruptcy lawyers in Mobile AL. An attorney can look at the specifics and let you know what you can expect. They can also draft and submit the petition on your behalf.

To learn more about bankruptcy and if you qualify, contact the Loris Law Firm. We will schedule a consultation to help you get started.