Why Should You Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney When You Can’t Afford It?

bankruptcy attorneyAlthough filing for bankruptcy can appear as a relief for many people when it comes to debts, the truth is that the process is not always a pleasant one. It is a time where total strangers invade your privacy while scrutinizing credit card statements, loan documents, debts, and almost every asset that you own.

It can also be an embarrassing experience when you have to stand in court and publicly declare to your creditors that you were not able to manage your debts. But with an experienced bankruptcy attorney Selma, the procedure can be made a little faster and less stressful.

A mobile AL bankruptcy attorney will take you through the process – ensuring that you are treated with dignity and without harassment. He or she will also prevent creditors and their auctioneers from forcefully auctioning your basic assets such as cars and household items.

How do you get started with filing for bankruptcy?

The first thing to do after you have decided to file for bankruptcy is to look for the bankruptcy attorney Robertsdale that you will work with. The next step after that is to determine which type of bankruptcy you want to file. Is it chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy?

How do you find an attorney?

There’s no doubt that hiring an attorney is one of the most important things to do when filing for bankruptcy. Considering the complexity and amount of work associated with bankruptcy cases, you should try as much as possible to book a bankruptcy attorney mobile AL in advance.

But you should not just hire any lawyer to handle your bankruptcy case. Try to find a lawyer who has adequate experience in dealing with bankruptcy cases. The best way to get a qualified and experienced attorney is to check with the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys.

Besides that, you can also ask for recommendations from friends and family members. Hiring a lawyer who doesn’t have previous experience in bankruptcy matters can cost you a lot. Some people also think that they can file for bankruptcy without the help of an attorney. That’s like shooting yourself on the foot.

What if you can’t afford to hire an attorney?

There’s a lot of misconception that hiring a bankruptcy attorney Baldwin county is very expensive. One thing you need to know is that every lawyer has his or her own fees. Some lawyers charge highly for their services while others charge moderately for the same type of services.

How to hire a bankruptcy attorney when you are on a budget

  • Use tax refund: Do you recall that check you normally get after the tax period? Well, some people use it to pay for a bankruptcy attorney.
  • Negotiate with your lawyer: This is another way of getting a bankruptcy attorney even if you don’t have enough money. There are many bankruptcy chapter 7 mobile AL lawyers who are always willing to help clients who are struggling with their finances.
  • Tighten your belt: When you are filing for bankruptcy, it shows that things are not working out financially. It only makes sense to cut off unnecessary expenses for the sake of hiring a lawyer. This will help you salvage some of your important assets from the hands of creditors.
  • Work extra hard: Although this may not be very practical, putting more effort in terms of your work can help you raise extra money to pay a bankruptcy lawyer. You can do this by getting an extra job or by asking your non-working spouse to look for a temporary job.

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