Why You Should Speak to a Lawyer Before Filing Bankruptcy

Speak to a Lawyer Before Filing BankruptcyBankruptcy can be a useful method to get a fresh start financially by discharging your current debt obligations. Before filing for bankruptcy, it is important to consider whether your current circumstances justify bankruptcy, or if there are other options available. To ensure that you make an informed decision regarding bankruptcy, contact a bankruptcy attorney Baldwin County from Loris Law Firm.

What should you consider before filing bankruptcy?
Before you file a bankruptcy, there are a variety of factors you should consider. Typically, a person may only file a bankruptcy once in their lifetime, so it is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Some things to consider include:

  • The extent and nature of your current debts
  • Anticipated financial obligations in the future
  • Your current financial standing and assets
  • Your age and health
  • Your marital status and familial obligations
  • Possibility of alternative satisfaction of debts
  • The presence of exemptions applicable to your situation

A bankruptcy attorney Baldwin County can advise you about all of the factors to consider before filing for bankruptcy. They will assess the specifics of your situation and help you understand whether bankruptcy is the best route to go.

Why should you speak with an attorney before filing bankruptcy?
Before filing bankruptcy Mobile AL, you should consider the advice provided by an attorney. In addition to helping you understand if bankruptcy is feasible, an attorney can also help you begin the process. Bankruptcy Mobile AL attorneys can represent you in the bankruptcy and assist you in filing the appropriate documents to pursue and complete the process. An attorney will help ensure that the bankruptcy addresses all creditors, so you receive the full benefit of a bankruptcy discharge.

A bankruptcy attorney from Loris Law Firm can help you with your bankruptcy questions. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.