I Keep Getting Collection Calls After Filing Bankruptcy

debt collection callsDid you need to file bankruptcy Mobile AL? Are you now faced with collection calls that will not stop? What do you do? Call Loris Law Firm in Mobile, Alabama. Or if you live in Selma and need a bankruptcy attorney Selma office of Loris Law Firm is there is help you.

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After filing for bankruptcy, a creditor should immediately stop collection efforts. Unfortunately, they often fail to do this, and harassment continues. If this has been a source of frustration to you, reach out to a bankruptcy attorney Mobile Alabama, the Loris Law Firm.

After you have filed for bankruptcy, this Mobile AL bankruptcy attorney will explain that an automatic stay goes into effect. An automatic stay firmly states that a creditor cannot contact you for collection after filing for bankruptcy. The intent is to protect you from harassing letters, phone calls, and emails.

Unless the creditor has received approval from the court, continuing with the collection activity after filing is illegal. If you find yourself in this position, it is time to act. You cannot assume they will stop. They may not be aware of or care about your situation. Contact an Alabama Bankruptcy lawyer so they can follow up with the creditors who are ignoring the automatic stay.

The warning is typically sufficient, but if not, the lawyer can ask the Bankruptcy Court to impose penalties on the creditors, including attorney’s fees, fines, and payment for damages.

You filed bankruptcy because you needed a fresh beginning. Collection calls are not letting you get the relief you need. These abusive and illegal tactics should not be allowed, and Loris Law Firm can put a stop to it.

Here are some tips to end the annoying collection calls:

  • Explain that you have filed for bankruptcy if they call. Although most will stop contacting you, a few may persist.
  • Take notes during every phone call. Keep a record of all the creditors who continue to contact you, writing down the times they call and the conversation. This will serve as evidence in a court case if necessary.
  • Contact a bankruptcy lawyer. Tell them that creditors continue to call you and share the evidence you have. They will then inform the bankruptcy courts and begin the necessary legal proceedings.
  • If the harassment does not end, your attorney may advise you to fight against the creditors in court by suing them for harassment and the emotional suffering they have caused.

If your debt was discharged successfully by the bankruptcy court, you no longer are responsible for it. Debt collectors will not be able to collect. If you encounter a creditor or collector who is not accepting of the discharge or threatens a lawsuit, make sure you contact your attorney for guidance and help.

Creditors who are persistent in attempting to collect on a discharged debt are breaking the law, section 524 of Title 11 of the United States Code. If the creditor in question does not voluntarily abstain, consider legal action. Your attorney can file a credit harassment lawsuit on your behalf to get you the financial compensation you deserve for their violation.

If you live in the Mobile or Selma, Alabama area, and need the help of a knowledgeable and professional bankruptcy attorney, consider Loris Law Firm. Since 1993, they have filed over 10,000 bankruptcy cases to make them one of the largest and most respected law firms in the State of Alabama. They are pleased to say that so many referrals have come from their past clients and other attorneys. Contact them today for the help you need.