Qualifications for Straight Bankruptcy & Debt Consolidation

debtIf debt management is becoming overwhelming, the option to file for bankruptcy or request debt consolidation has likely crossed your mind. These routes help a person in debt get more control over managing the money they owe and repaying it. For people looking to initiate either one of these solutions, it is best to discuss this with AL Mobile attorneys first. A Mobile AL bankruptcy attorney will give you all the information you need for each and can explain what you need to qualify for them. The lawyers at the Loris Law Firm will walk you through the necessary steps and prepare your petition for requesting bankruptcy or debt consolidation.

Qualifications For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Bankruptcy is a way for a person in debt to manage the money they owe, pay it back, and start over once the duration of this solution is over. In order to qualify, a person must:

•Pass a bankruptcy means test
•Be a single person, married couple, or a small business owner
•Have no bankruptcy discharges within the last 8 years
•Get credit counseling

In addition to these criteria, it is strongly advised to get help from a Mobile AL bankruptcy attorney.

If you need a solution to your debt problem, and wish to apply for bankruptcy or debt consolidation, contact the Loris Law Firm for a consultation. Our attorney can answer all of your questions.