Extremely satisfied with the professionalism and friendliness of staff! The process was smooth and they answeeed all of my many questions. Talk to Mr Loris before you do anything, they can help!

Iris jardee

I personally want to thank Mr. Lori’s for the outstanding work he performed doing my chapter 13 case.

Christopher Maul

Loris Bankruptcy Law Firm helped me and my wife get through some tough times. We let them know what our situation was like and they gave us two different routes we could go. They help us choose the best route to take and the rest is history.

So if you are going through some tough times whether it be for medical reasons, loss of job or something out of your control, give them a call. They will certainly be able to help you out with your situation. Their receptionist is the best. If you have any extra questions she’s always willing to get you the answer you’re looking for. They make you feel at ease when talking to them and are always smiling when you come to their office.

Steven Jones

Very satisfied with the service and professionalism of MR Loris’s and the office staff. Be for you use a debit consolidation company do your self a huge favor and contact Jamie Loris and sit down and talk with him, you have nothing to lose an a lot too gain and your first consolation visit is free. I am not a paid spokesperson for this firm, Just a very satisfied customer.

Glen Granger

All I can say is, That I really do appreciates you all, very much for everything. And may the good Lord continues blessing you .all. ffor all the good work you all do . for. this. community as a hold Thank you all Mr. Loris Law for your service.

Stella Morgan

Thank you Mr. Lori’s for handling my case. You are the best. And thanks for being honest and thanks for understanding my situation.

Violet Whatley

Mr loris was very nice and answered any and all questions! His office still gets back with very quickly when I email questions.

Samantha Lynam


Jamie has never failed to return a call, email or question in the last 4+ years. He handled my chapter 13 case. I have had major life changing events due to failing health, and Jamie was informative, wise and so understanding. He spoke to me in terms I could understand. I’ve dealt with over 8 lawyers in my 56 years and only wish Jamie could have handled all the cases! Jamie treated me like an old family friend and not just a paying client. After his help and info I received ASAP, I could finally put my fears and mind at ease. Anyone thinking about hiring him would be very smart to do so! A wise choice for a very wise man! Thanks to Jamie, my major life change has been a breeze with his help and knowledge! I’d hire him again and again if I need to. Awesome, wonderful HUMAN BEING! Not just another pretty face, haha


Helpful, Honest

I filled chp 13 back in 2012 and it went pretty well. This month will be my last payment. The Loris law firm was good to me through out my bankruptcy. They seem to stay busy and sometimes I had to wait a few days for returned phone calls or emails but I was never forgotten. I would recommend this law firm to my friends and family.