What Debts Can Be Consolidated In Bankruptcy?

debts that i can rid when filing a bankruptcyOnce you make the decision to file for bankruptcy, your thoughts will turn to how much debt you can rid yourself on in the quickest fashion. To do so, you may consider consolidating certain debts to make the bankruptcy process go smoothly. However, since it is likely you have numerous debts from a variety of sources, it will be crucial you know which debts may or may not be consolidated. To make the right decisions and avoid problems and delays with your bankruptcy, rely on the advice of a bankruptcy law firm in Selma AL such as the Loris Law Firm.


Credit Card Bills

For many people who file bankruptcy, credit card bills are often the major source of their financial difficulties. Due to most people having multiple credit cards that are carrying heavy debt, it is often a wise choice to consolidate these various bills into one. In doing so, they are much easier to manage and get paid off during your bankruptcy proceedings. Should you need additional advice on how to accomplish this, turn to an experienced bankruptcy law firm in Selma AL for assistance.


Medical Bills

One of if not the biggest source of debt for many filers of bankruptcy, medical bills often come from many sources such as doctors, hospitals, ambulance services, therapists, and many others. When filing bankruptcy, it is far easier to consolidate these bills, since technically they are considered unsecured debt much like credit cards. By consolidating your medical debt, it will be much easier for you and your attorney from Loris Law Firm to develop a legal strategy and work with the court and creditors to ensure all debt is properly paid or discharged.


Rather than take the chance of making a mistake during your bankruptcy filing, choose instead to meet with Loris Law Firm immediately to discuss your situation.