What Five Things Do You Need to Bring to Your Bankruptcy Attorney Consultation?

bankruptcy attorneyOkay, so you have a bankruptcy attorney.  You should now be able to go into his or her office and have them take care of your case, right?  It is not that simple.  First, you must be prepared.  Your attorney will give you a list of things to bring with you.  If you fail to take them, nothing can be done and you will be wasting everybody’s time.  So, what should you bring?  Let’s examine five critical items to bring to your bankruptcy attorney Mobile Alabama, or the attorney wherever you reside. 

The First Item

Your attorney has agreed to oversee your case for bankruptcy chapter 7 Mobile AL.  The first thing he or she will ask you to bring is a collection of all your financial documents.  This will include all bank account statements, statements of wages earned, tax return records, and receipts for any major purchases you have incurred.  If your spouse has separate records, but you are filing for bankruptcy together, THEIR records for these things will also be required. 

Creditor Information

Your Alabama bankruptcy lawyer will also want complete details on your creditors.  For the record, anybody you owe money to is considered a creditor.  The lawyer needs a list of them along with the amount of money you owe to each creditor.  Also required is the account number and full contact information for each person.  Do not leave anyone off this list for any reason.  Your bankruptcy attorney Mobile AL (or your designation) has to know about all of them.

Your Assets

Another list your Mobile AL bankruptcy attorney will need is that of all your assets.  Amongst the details on this list should be any assets paid in full as well as those you still owe money on.

Do you own a timeshare or a vacation rental property?  What about your home, vehicles, recreational vehicles or camping trailers?  Put all those items down on this list. 

Do you or your spouse have any money in savings accounts, retirement accounts, offshore investments?  How about any businesses either one of you own?  All these items also must be included on your list of assets.  Again, do not leave anything of value off this list. 

Other Bankruptcy Cases?

Perhaps this is not your first time filing for bankruptcy of any kind.  What then?  When you file for bankruptcy Mobile AL, and most likely anywhere else, the attorney for your current case will want complete records of anything that went on in prior cases.

Like what you might be asking?  What chapter is it filed under, ie 7, 11, 12, or 13?  If you have more than one previous case in addition to your current case, you need full disclosure for each case.  The info also needs to document which state or country your case was filed in.

Current Financial Records

One more thing your Alabama bankruptcy lawyer will ask for is total disclosure of all income over the last six months.  Do you receive any governmental assistance?  What about food stamps or child support?  Have any of these amounts been modified during these six months? 

What about monetary gifts from any source?  Everything of this nature has to be accounted for in your evidence to your attorney.  This is in addition to the regular income you receive.  Even if your job is part-time or that of a remote status, it has to be accounted for.  So make certain you bring it all to your bankruptcy attorney Mobile AL

Is There Anything Else?

Mind you, we are still discussing prior bankruptcy cases you have filed.  Your present lawyer will also require you to have documentation of the outcome of each case.  Were any dismissed or discharged?  Were you responsible for paying off your creditors?  If yes, he or she will have to see the total financial details for each case.   You can do this!  Get started today by contacting Loris Law Firm!