What Information Does My Bankruptcy Lawyer Need In Order To Assist My Bankruptcy?

bankruptcy lawyerWhen you make the decision to file bankruptcy you can expect the process to have deadlines, as well as the need for you to produce many financial documents. Since a judge is not likely to take your word regarding your finances, it is crucial you be able to have various documents in your possession. When seeking a lawyer who can assist with your bankruptcy, this becomes even more important. To learn more about the bankruptcy process and what information your lawyer will need in order to assist you in the best possible way, speak with a Mobile AL bankruptcy attorney at the Loris Law Firm.

Bank Statements and Bills
To make sure your Mobile AL bankruptcy attorney can advise you properly as to which type of bankruptcy will be right for your situation, you should always provide them with all bills you have from your creditors. In addition, if you have any receipts or invoices from purchases made within the past year, or proof of payments made on cars, student loans, or real estate, hand these over to your attorney at the Loris Law Firm as well.

Tax Returns
If you can, provide your lawyer with tax returns from at least the previous three years. Also, if you have received any letters from creditors threatening collection actions against you, turn these over to your attorney for examination. In planning your case strategy, your lawyer will need these and other documents so that they can formulate a plan for success.

While it is difficult to admit bankruptcy is your best option, the good news is it ultimately pays off for you financially in the years that follow. If you need legal advice concerning the filing of bankruptcy, schedule your consultation today with a Mobile AL bankruptcy attorney from the Loris Law Firm.