When Should I Discuss My Finances With A Bankruptcy Professional?

discussing finance with bankruptcy professionalIf there is one part of your life that impacts many areas, it is your finances. From buying a home or car to making sure you can pay off debt or provide for your family, having your finances in order is of the utmost importance. However, when situations arise along the way that bring with them financial challenges, it is important to discuss your situation with a professional. If you are facing such challenges, schedule a meeting soon with a bankruptcy attorney Mobile AL at the Loris Law Firm.

Getting Married or Divorced
When you are getting married or divorced, it is crucial you speak with a financial professional. This is especially important if one or both of you are dealing with financial difficulties that could result in filing for bankruptcy, since this can impact how assets are distributed in a divorce or which assets may be immune from creditors.

Receiving Large Amount of Money
Whether you receive money from an inheritance, lottery winnings, or other means, always speak to a financial professional who can advise you on taxes and other matters. Since many people who receive large amounts of money ultimately squander their fortunes and often wind up in debt, numerous problems can occur that may lead to filing for bankruptcy. Rather than let your good fortune become a financial and legal nightmare, turn to a bankruptcy attorney Mobile AL at the Loris Law Firm for assistance and guidance.

Retirement Planning
When planning for retirement, always get professional financial advice. If you don’t, you may not plan accordingly regarding how much money you may need. As a result, you may find yourself taking on significant debt that leads to such problems as bankruptcy.

Should you have additional questions about certain aspects of your finances, schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience with a Selma bankruptcy attorney at the Loris Law Firm.